Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 Tai Shun Mao Jian

I attended another tea degustation yesterday, this time of WuYi oolongs (yancha). This time, however, I haven’t taken any photos.

The degustation was great once again; if I remember right, we drank four different grades of Da Hong Pao, two Shui Hsien, one tea I can't remember at all and, as a bonus and an alternation, one great An Ji Bai Cha.

Tea I want to talk about today has nothing to do with this degustation.

This Mao Jian comes from Tai Shun, Zhejiang Province and was picked on 24 April, just one day earlier than the tea I reviewed last time.

Appearance of these small, coiled, silvery-green leaves slightly reminded me of some Korean green teas. Smell is charming; sweet and deep, less spicy and vegetal than in this year’s Lu Xue Ya but even more intensive and vivid in general.

Taste of this Mao Jian is full, mellow and harmonic, with hints of honey and fresh fruit, especially red grape. Bitterness is almost null, even when overstep the tea.

Seven infusions are easily made; seems like this tea is one of those more persistent, despite being so refined in character.

This tea has once been characterized as “the smell of vegetation wetted by rain, refreshing the thoughts, dispelling the sorrows” which, in my opinion, is pretty accurate. It is one of those humble, inexpensive teas that can be drunk anytime and anywhere. Also, I would note that this tea is, in my opinion, especially suitable for drinking outdoors, especially shortly after summer rain.

At least I like it like that.


  1. I've also tried this one and it's really nice. Particularly the quality/price ratio is great. Get it while it's fresh! :)

  2. Jakub,
    exactly! This Mao Jian is an ideal humble tea for everyday drinking.