Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Companion

This is the little Black Magda kyusu made by Petr Novak I've talked about in my previous post. It holds about 120ml of water and I intend to use it mostly for Korean tea. And, after the first recently finished session with Gyeun Farm Saejak, I can already tell that this pot seems to fit these teas wonderfully, just as I imagined.


  1. Perfect kyusu! When I see such things it makes me wanna buy more and more of them :-D
    btw we should finaly do some tea session after nearly year! :-)

  2. A "black magda" kyusu ?
    I really love its shape. This chubby faced, big pouring spouted teapot seems to be very engaging.
    'want the saaaaame !