Saturday, April 7, 2012

Whole Spring, One Tall Glass

2012 Yunnan Gao Shan Cui Ming.
Only now I realize how much I missed watching the young leaves; how I missed their dancing in the glass.
Happy Easter and beautiful spring to everyone!


  1. I like the glass! It's great for drinking and viewing green tea :-) When I was little, this kind of glass (maybe a little smaller, but the same pattern) was the most popular for tea in northern provinces and tea houses of Hangzhou.

  2. Nice sharing. This photo is just plain beautiful. Blessed Easter :)

  3. Michal,
    Your tea set up is pure and refreshing as usual.
    I have never brewed tea in a glass, I must confess.

    Apart from that, are you serene about the next harvest in Japan ? The standard level of radiation in tea leaves to allow to sell tea is very restrictive (10 Bq/kg)...Will many batches of tea meet this standrd ?...

    (I am drinking such a nice Yame Gyokuro Okumidori 2010 at this time...:-))


  4. Gingko,
    I enjoy drinking fresh Chinese green teas from glass like this every spring - it just feels very natural to watch the leaves unfold during these sunny days in this manner. Thank you for sharing your interesting memories!

    Miss Tea Delight,
    Thank you, I really appreciate your words. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

    Give brewing tea in a glass a try sometimes, I can really recommend it - it's a significantly different experience from using typical teaware such as gaiwan. I think it's really worth a try!
    About the upcoming harvest in Japan, I think the situation is going to be very similar to what we experienced last year - I strongly believe (and hope) that teas from southern regions such as Kyushu and Uji are going to meet these strict standards without any problems, but I'm afraid teas from Shizuoka (and Saitama and other northern tea regions) won't, unfortunately. That is definitely a pity - but let's just hope the harvest from southern region is going to be as excellent as it was last year to compensate the loss. :-)