Monday, May 10, 2010

开花茶, or perfect present

Flowering teas, or how to give tea to your not-so-tea-loving friends.
This is Shuang Long Xi Zhu, one of those small bundles made of tea leaves and some flowers - jasmine, marigold and gomphrena, in this case.
I don't drink this kind of teas very often - just when I get it as a gift or when someone wants to impress me with some good tea.
But it seems like everyone like these, so I decided to buy it as a present for person who has already got too much books from me and I don't want to repeat myself anymore.
I simply enjoy giving tea. There is something special on it.

Wish me luck, so that the gift will be accepted happily.


  1. It indeed is, but the feeling of giving is even better when you know that the person honestly liked the gift. :)

    And this tea was, in the end, gladly accepted.

  2. Hooray! These teas certainly make good gifts. I've yet to get some myself. I'd need to get one of those glass teapots that you're supposed to use with them first. However, no matter how nice they look, I'm probably not gonna bother with them for myself. Indeed, I will follow your example and give them as a gift to someone else sometime.

  3. Those few times I prepared this tea for myself, I haven't used glass teapot, but big white porcelain gaiwan without the lid instead - for me, traditional Chinese pottery has its special charm, so it was really beautiful to watch the tea spreading in the cup like this.