Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tea in the park

Just a while after lunch today, I met with friends and we went to the park to celebrate the return of nice weather and spring. We drunk two 2010 Chinese green teas.
In the heart of Slovakia's biggest city, bustling with hundreds of thousands people, right next to the business borough...

Is the oldest public park in central Europe, Sad Janka Krala.

We had some Pre Ming Yunnan Mao Feng and Meng Ding Cui Yu, both wonderfully fresh and delightful.

And for me, tea always tastes best when shared with friends, especially in nature.
It also was a nice turnover from the hectic atmosphere of city; spending whole afternoon just like this - watching the sky, sipping the tea, listening to the trees and having some calm conversation with people I like.

Have a nice day, too.


  1. Good day indeed =]
    It is the day of my high school graduation!
    Summer is on its way!

  2. William,
    seems like it really was an important day for you!
    Although I dislike the heat, I too am looking forward to summer in some way. ;)

  3. I have yet to have my tea outdoors.

    I'm glad you had a good time!

    Me, I'd rather take heat over cold. I can't stand being cold. Not that I like sleeping in the heat. I hate that because I can't use my soft, warm, inviting blanket. But when it comes down to the daytime, I'd rather be in warmer temperatures than cold ones.