About this blog

Necessary to say, I'm not a native English speaker (as you have probably already figured out from my entries), so please forgive me my mistakes and limited use of language. Other than that, I am an eternal student deeply appreciating good tea and all joys connected to it. Among my other interests is poetry – apart from reading, I also try to do my best in writing it (having won some literary prizes here in Slovakia as well as abroad) and would like to continue and deepen this interest in the future.

There is no commercial relation between me and any tea-related business; I do not run a teashop nor a teahouse or anything like that. I decided to establish this blog to share my thoughts on various teas I’ve been lucky to try and other tea-related ideas and events.
This blog is written for my own enjoyment and for enjoyment of its readers, because I have been an admirer of several wonderful tea blogs here on blogspot for quite a long time – they always lured me on drinking tea and motivated me to learn more and more about it. Therefore, I decided to try it, too. I’m glad to answer any tea-related questions the best I know and if you learn something from my blog, it fulfilled its purpose.

As you can see in my tea reviews, I’m usually commenting on taste, smell and appearance of tea – this is widely subjective, as every person has unique perception of these senses and thus can taste, smell and see something completely different. So please take my description just as my personal percepts of teas I write about.

The more I learn about tea, the more I realize how little I know about it.