Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer, cubes of ice and...

Shinobi-cha, traditional Japanese way of ice-brewing, is a real test of patience. It can take hours for all the ice to melt - but it definitely is worth it, as the best qualities of tea are even improved and sharpened.

Most suitable for this kind of brewing are high-quality Japanese green teas - it's originally supposed to be used for Gyokuro, but Sencha and Kabuse are great as well.
Still, you can experiment - it's interesting to try also Chinese steamed green teas, for example.

Meng Ding Cui Yu 2010.

All you need is good tea, ice and... patience, a lot of patience.

I'm going to shut myself out of civilization for next five days - with no internet, television or even a proper radio signal.
Sometimes it's nice, just to read and relax all day like this.

Until then, enjoy the summer!


  1. I definitely need to try this sometime. I have read numerous blog posts on it and am very intrigued!
    Have a wonderful summer and break! =]

  2. William,
    I really recommend you trying it, it's a completely different dimension of tea drinking ;)
    And also a wonderful way to refresh oneself these days!

    Thanks & enjoy summer, too!

  3. I've been experimenting more with cold brewing lately. I've had poor luck with Chinese pan-fired greens, so far...the cold water doesn't seem to bring out any of the smoky aromas that I like, although it does bring through other qualities.

    Maybe I should try it on some Sencha, I have very little steamed green tea in my cupboard right now though...

  4. Alex,
    Sencha would be ideal. Cold brewing generally works better with steamed teas - they seem to bring out taste which is much more intensive and more complex.